PM Donald MacLeod Collection of Music Books for the Bagpipe Volumes 1 to 6

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Published on: October 10, 2022
PM Donald MacLeod Collection of Music Books for the Bagpipe Volumes 1 to 6
PM Donald MacLeod Collection of Music Books for the Bagpipe Volumes 1 to 6
PM Donald MacLeod Collection of Music Books for the Bagpipe Volumes 1 to 6

PM Donald MacLeod Collection of Music Books for the Bagpipe Volumes 1 to 6
This product data sheet is originally written in English. P/M Donald MacLeod Books. P/M Donald MacLeod – Book 1. Donald MacLeod, MBE, was born in Stornoway, on Lewis, in the Scottish Hebridean Islands in 1916. He became a piper for the Seaforth Highlanders in 1937, reaching the level of pipe major after only fou.. P/M Donald MacLeod – Book 2. P/M Donald MacLeod – Book 3. P/M Donald MacLeod – Book 4. P/M Donald MacLeod – Book 5. P/M Donald MacLeod – Book 6. He became a piper for the Seaforth Highlanders in 1937, reaching the level of pipe major after only fou. Donald MacLeod Piobaireachd Book- Released Aug 2019. Extra tunes have been added to the original collection. The Complete Burns Piper. Compiled by famed piper Iain Duncan, this collection is perfect for any piper looking to play for any Robert Burns occasion. With over 50 pages of tunes and songs, the book also assists the piper with explanations of how to prepare for the event and even offers some tips on toasts. BBC Piobaireachd Book – Seumas MacNeill. Seumas MacNeill – BBC Piobaireachd book A complete guide to the classical music of the great Highland bagpipe by one of the best writers on the subject. The Seumas MacNeill Collection of Bagpipe Music Book 2. Second collection by Seamus MacNeill. A comprehensive guide to the tunes every piper should know by Dugald MacNeill. Highland Laddie 2/4 march; Earl of Mansfield, The 2/4 march; Barren Rocks of Aden, The 2/4 march; High Road to Gairloch, The 2/4 march; Teribus 2/4 march; My Love She’s But a Lassie Yet 2/4 march; Brown Haired Maiden, The 2/4 march; Mairi’s Wedding 2/4 march; Happy We’ve Been A’ Thegither 2/4 march; A Man’s a Man for A’ That 2/4 march; Liberton Pipe Band, The 2/4 march; 79th’s Farewell to Gibraltar, The 2/4 march; Green Hills of Tyrol, The 3/4 march; When the Battle’s O’er 3/4 march; Lochanside 3/4 march; Battle of the Somme, The 9/8 march; Heights of Dargai 9/8 march; Scotland the Brave 4/4 march; Old Rustic Bridge, The 4/4 march; Rowan Tree, The 4/4 march; Bonnie Dundee 6/8 march; Steam Boat 6/8 march; Bugle Horn 6/8 march; Muckin’ o’ Geordie’s Byre 6/8 march; Glendaruel Highlanders 6/8 march; Piobaireachd of Donald Dubh 6/8 march; Scots Wha Ha’e (Bruce’s Address) Slow Air; Mist Covered Mountains, The Slow Air; My Home Slow Air; Dream Angus Slow Air; Amazing Grace Slow Air; Lochaber No More Lament; Flowers of the Forest Lament; Auld Lang Syne Slow Air; Highland Cradle Song Slow Air; Sleep Dearie, Sleep Slow Air; Inverness Rant, The Strathspey; Loudon’s Bonnie Woods and Braes Strathspey; Devil in the Kitchen Strathspey; Captain Horne Strathspey; Orange and Blue Strathspey; Marquis of Huntly’s Highland Fling, The Strathspey; Piper of Drummond, The Reel; High Road to Linton, The Reel; Kilt is My Delight, The Reel; Tail Toddle Reel; De’il Amang the Tailors, The Reel; Mrs MacLeod of Raasay Reel; Whistle O’er the Lave O’t (Sean Truibhais) Dance; Ghillie Callum (Sword Dance) Dance; Gay Gordons, The Dance; Mary Darroch Waltz; Lord Dunmore (The Bride’s Jig) Jig. The College of Piping(Now National Piping Centre). The College of Piping’s famous green tutor. The only way to start a piping career. Join the thousands of other pipers worldwide who have learned the College way. New tutors come and go but for fifty years the College Tutor One has stood the test of time. Tutor One now comes complete with a online you tube videos at no extra charge. Please note that the new English version now comes with the links to online videos printed in book, so you no longer require the CD/ROM. The College of Piping Tutor Book – Part 1 – French. The College of Piping Tutor Book – Part 1 -Italian. The College of Piping Tutor Book. Art 1 – German. The College of Piping Tutor Book – Part 2. Tutor 2 is the only maintenance manual you will ever need. Learn how to tune, handle reeds, tie in a bag and how strike in your pipes when playing in a band. There are scores of other tips that both beginner and experienced piper will benefit from. The College of Piping Tutor Book – Part 3. The College’s Tutor 3 manual has been re-written by Principal Robert Wallace. The tutor comes complete with a new companion CD of instruction at no extra charge. It is the natural progression from the world beating Tutor 1, the Green Tutor. Tutor 3 provides an introduction to the playing of competition marches, strathspeys, reels, hornpipes and jigs. There are also tunes for dancing and lessons on standard pieces such as Scotland the Brave and Flowers of the Forest. With Tutor 1, Tutor 3 has all the tunes and theory necessary to pass the light music sections of the Pipe and Drumming Qualifications Board Levels 1 – 4 examinations. NPC HIGHLAND BAGPIPE TUTOR 1. The National Piping Centre’s own tutor book is the best place to start learning the bagpipes! NPC HIGHLAND TUTOR BOOK 2. The National Piping Centre Highland Tutor Book 2 focuses on the transition from practice chanter to The Great Highland Bagpipe. Starter pack from National Piping Centre. Starter pack has everything needed for a learner to begin their Bagpipe career! Included in the pack is the NPC Highland Bagpipe Tutor Book 1, a standard Plastic Practice Chanter made by RG Hardie, Glasgow, and a practice chanter reed made by tru-tone. The Highland Tutor Book was compiled using the experience of staff at the National Piping Centre, the NPC tutor book introduces music theory and basic repertoire of’light music. The tutor book is suited for all ages, and covers everything needed in order to play the music of the Great Highland Bagpipe. The book is formated in an easy to follow, step by step structure; each chapter introduces new elements of bagpipe music, the theory and technicalities and then in how to play in a practical concept. Included is a CD ROM, where you can watch demonstrations and sound clips of the materiel covered in the chapters, allowing you to hear and see exactly what should be produced! The Highland Bagpipe Tutor Books 1 and 2 by The. Detail description for NPC Highland Bagpipe Tutor 1 Compiled using the experience of staff at the National Piping Centre, the NPC tutor book introduces music theory and basic repertoire of’light music. Sight Readable Ceol Mor and CDs. Sight Readable Ceol Mor uses staff notation to allow a piper or musician, who can sight read, to play and understand the classical music of the Highland Bagpipe – Piobaireachd. The book contains 36 tunes and is accompanied by two CDs. Gordon Duncan’s Tunes. There has always been a tremendous interest in the original music of Gordon Duncan. His stunning compositions have featured in his own ground-breaking recordings and studio sessions, in his work with top Scottish traditional music bands, and in the medleys of many top-grade pipe bands, especially those of which he was a member. Gordon’s tunes have “crossed over” into many other traditional instruments, such as the fiddle and accordion. Now, Gordon’s excellent compositions are available in this new collection, compiled and produced by his brother, Ian Duncan. Tune List Mr & Mrs J Duncan March Balnauld Cottage March Pipe Major Billy Hepburn March Pipe Major Sandy Spence March Pipe Major Sandy Spence Harmony March Farewell to Halkirk March Tartan Day March The Gladiator March Sir Jame of the Old Port March Alex’s Haircut Jig Blow My Chanter Jig Jig O Beer Jig The Pitlochry High School Centenary Jig More Brandy Reel Roll Out The Snake Jig Rory Gallagher Jig The Famous Baravan Jig The Gathering Jig The 98 Jig Jig The Soup Dragon Jig The Panda Jig The Trip to Modera Jig Nae Door Pibroch Piobaireachd The Belly Dancer Dance The Sleeping Tune Slow Air Break Your Bass Drone Reel Andy Renwick’s Ferret Reel Clueless Reel Davy Webster’s 40th Reel Falcon Square Reel Susan Lazell’s Reel Just for Seamus Reel Pressed for Time Reel The Ramnee Ceilidh Reel Tain in the Rain Reel The Fourth Floor Reel The High Drive Reel The Thin Man Reel Yer a Kent Reel Yer a Kent (Whistle) Reel Upside Down in Eden Court Reel Mr & Mrs J Duncan’s Golden Wedding 2000 Hornpipe Ian Green of Greentrax Hornpipe The Black Ribbon Hornpipe Jock Broon’s 70th Hornpipe The Gargoyles Hornpipe The Straloch Turkeys Hornpipe Zeeto the Bubbleman Hornpipe. Gordon Duncan’s Tunes 2. Following the success of the original book in 2007, many compositions were missed out. However there was not enough to create a book on that alone, so the trust decided to use the’missing tunes’ and some of Gordon’s more iconic arrangements to create Gordon Duncan’s Tunes Book 2. This includes, the infamous arrangement of AC/DCs “Thunderstruck”, in full. The Day the Co-op Flooded. Wha’ Saw the 42nd. The Haughs O’ Cromdale. A’ Bhriogais Uallach (The Pompous Trousers). The Mexican Hat Dance. The Humours of Ballyloughlin. Old as the Hills. The Reverend Brother’s Jig. The Lament for the Coming of the White Settlers. Thunderstruck / Angus Thing. Full Moon Down Under. Mairi Bheag From Uist (Whistle). Suite de Gavottes Pourlet. Pipe Major Graeme Hood. The Road to the Aisle. The Ballintore Fancy Reel. A Few Tunes – And Mair. When Gordon Duncan was a member of the Vale of Atholl Pipe Band, he and brother Ian released this collection of tunes in 1987, and it has now been re-published after a few year out-of-print. This contains many great Gordon tunes and arrangements, many of which featured in the selections of the Vale in those years, as well as in medleys of all the top bands and soloists. New tunes have been added for this edition! Now this classic collection is available, freshly typeset and now in A4 format, and with all the great tunes from the original! Ross Ainslie- Homemade Tunes! Ross Ainslie is a trustee of the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust as well as being a fantastic, composer, piper and multi-instrumentalist. Gordon was Ross’s tutor for many years in the Vale of Atholl Pipe Band, and a lot of Ross’s compositions are in a similar style to Gordons`. A must have book for any piper, whistle player or any melody instrument player. Ross Ainslie Homemade Tunes 2. This my second collection of original material includes 70+ tunes from my solo albums Remembering, Sanctuary, Vana, albums Symbiosis and Symbiosis II with Ali Hutton and a lot of commissions from over the years. All tunes composed by Ross Ainslie PRS/MCPS. Design and Layout – David A. Front Cover Photo – Alister Sinclair. Over the last 100 years the Great Highland Bagpipe has had its great innovators. McLennan and Willie Ross were not only incredible players but they were inventive tunesmiths that carried the tradition through the first half of the 20th Century. Donald MacLeod would follow, an inspiration to the great pipers of the time and since. Gordon Duncan and Allan MacDonald picked up this mantle of innovation and moved the tradition more than ever before, composing incredible melodies with natural and breathtaking dexterity. Ross Ainslie is their natural successor. A true innovator who, like those who have gone before, breaks down walls and pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved on this great instrument. Ross does all of this with rock’n roll swagger. As comfortable playing whistles and cittern as the Highland bagpipes he has a deep love and knowledge of music which has over the years embraced roots and traditions from around the world. You hear it all in his music. It is a myriad of colour that speaks of a life spent travelling the world, listening and learning. This wonderful collection of his music is testament to that life and to his innovative genius. RS MacDonald – The Collection. A collection from the fine family of MacDonald pipers. William MacDonald of Benbecula and his son RS MacDonald are known to the piping world as fine pipers, competitors, and composers, and “The Clanranald Collection” showcases the many fine tunes that have come from the pens of these two musicians Tune List Showacho March Ms. (Queensland) March Ralph Potter March Bob Atkinson A. March John Goodwin March Coolhurst Castle Strathspey Green Day Strathspey Washington Court Strathspey Famous Fourth, The Strathspey Mrs Nadia MacIsaac Strathspey Glenogle Strathspey Beaver Club, The Reel Pivovar Express, The Reel MV River Rat Reel Smoking The Wasps Reel Electric Chopsticks Reel Reedmaker’s Reel (Chris Apps), The Reel Bullet Train Reel Elav the Terrible Hornpipe Jack MacIsaac Hornpipe John Recknagels Fancy Hornpipe El Paco Grande Hornpipe Gaelic College, St Annes Hornpipe Good Drying Hornpipe Sam O’Rye Hornpipe Secret Creek Hornpipe Monmouth Drive Hornpipe Queensland Irish Association Pipe Band 80th Anniversary Hornpipe Passive Drinker, The Hornpipe Vale of Atholl Pipe Band Hornpipe Superdry Hornpipe Funnel, The Hornpipe Oh Aye? Jig King Danced at Dawn, The Jig Last Tango in Harris, The Jig Millstead, The Jig Trevor Warnock Jig Fritz Hoffman Jig Adelaide Tattoo Jig Willie Cochrane Jig JK’s Jig Jig Bootleg Brew Jig Long Morning Jig Apparition, The Jig JIMMY Hey Jig Pivovar Express, The Jig Konjo Mimi Jig North American Pipe Band Jig Second at Pugwash Jig Departure Slow Air Distant Land Slow Air Abercromby Place Slow Air Woodhams Fiftieth Slow Air Journey to the East Slow Air Ruth Grant Slow Air Lament for Angus Sixsmith Slow Air Shonah Waltz Good Times at Galliard Waltz Harbour View Waltz Margaret’s Waltz Waltz Lament for Kenneth Alexander MacLennan of Connon Bridge Piobaireachd Lament for Angus Stewart of Dunbegg Piobaireachd. SCOTS GUARDS SETTINGS VOL 1. Scots Guards Volume One. SCOTS GUARDS SETTINGS VOL 2. Second collection of standard settings of pipe music, as well as a brief history and information by the Scots Guards. A must for any pipers bookshelf. SCOTS GUARDS SETTINGS VOL 3. The much awaited third chapter of standard settings of pipe music, as well as a brief history and information by the Scots Guards. GORDON HIGHLANDERS PIPE MUSIC BOOK. A vast collection of pipe tunes associated with or composed by members of the Gordon Highlanders of Balmoral. QUEENS OWN HIGHLANDERS CABAR FEIDH. Collection of Bagpipe music compiled by the Queens Own Highlanders. Despite the amalgamation of Regiments and the many changes that have occurred in the Army since 1926, when this collection was first published, piping has remained an essential tradition of a Highland Regiment. The reprint of this collection emphasises the piping tradition and as the forerunner of books of regimental pie music it holds a special place in the bibliography of piping. EAT SLEEP PIPE REPEAT. The second collection of bagpipe music by Kyle Warren. Is the new collection of bagpipe music by Kyle Warren. The book consists of 50 tunes, of which 42 are by Kyle. These include 34 new compositions, and 8 arrangements of modern and classic pipe tunes, with the original tunes also published in the book from famous composers such as Gordon Duncan, Chris Armstrong, Mark Saul and more! This book is all about driving jigs, reels and hornpipes! Whilst a nice mix of strathspeys, dances, slow airs and a few light marches complete the collection. The book consists of tunes suitable for all players, from the pipe band competition field to the folk music stage, or for having a wee tune at home! The book includes tunes played by some of the best pipe bands in the world; Field Marshal Montgomery, Inveraray and District, Scottish Power Pipe Band and more! Tunes in this collection. Trouble at the Croft, Valerie Kelly’s Jig, Wee Eoin’s, Trending, A Shine on the Elbow, Hyacinth, Myroundaphobia, Anti-Social Distancing, The Soapbox Six, The Need for Tweed, The Last Plant Pot, Monomania, The Box Hill Bandit, The Grand Slam, Anna Mairi Wilson, Dr. Richard Parkes MBE, The Pheasant Plucker’s Son, Take Me to Braemar, Frozen Cold, Some Folk, Golden Brown – The 2nd Edition, Sampled, Eat Sleep Pipe Repeat, Vogue, The Glenferrie, Humour in the Rumour, Lily Thomson, Far Out, Frederick Cameron of Camberwell, Rós na hÉireann (Irish Rose), Myopic, The New Dawn, Robbie Buchanan, Donnchadh Rodaidh of Bàgh a Chaise, (Duncan Roddy of Cheesebay), Lochanside, Lochanside Waltz, Farewell to Nigg, Farewell to Nigg Waltz, Kirstie MacCallman’s Favourite, Kirstie MacCallman’s Favourite – Waltz, Bronni’s Blue Brozzi, Bronni’s Blue Brozzi Waltz, The Grinder, The Grinder Reel, Little Hands, Little Hands Jig, The High Drive, The High Drive Jig, X-treme, X-treme Jig. How To Play Bagpipe For Method & Songbook with CD. How to Play Bagpipe: Method & Songbook – with an instructional performance CD begins by providing a general understanding of basic music theory, knowledge that is not only applicable to this book but that is universal regardless of the instrument you may study. Features such songs as – Blue Bells of Scotland; Robin Adair; The Barren Rock of Aden; 42nd Highlanders; Scotland the Brave; Highland Laddie; The Green Hills of Tyrol; March Teribus; Rowan Tree; A Hundred Pipers; Bonnie Dundee, & many more. Gordon Brown Forte Drum Scores. Over the past few years, Gordon has been working on several drumming book projects. One of these being “The Recordings Series”. This is a series of books that will accompany CD / DVD Recordings from Gordon and the Boghall band. As 2019 is his 40th season playing in Grade 1 with the Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia Pipe Band. What better way to celebrate this with the first book in the series to to be released being “FORTE – 2012 The Snare Drumming Settings” This publication accompanies the Band’s 2012 40th Anniversary Pre-Worlds Live CD recording at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall (Forte) and includes all the Snare Drum Compositions from the evening. All the drum scores in the book are set in the same running order as the CD recording. The recording itself, on the KRL – Monarch Label (CDMON 889), is available from various outlets and via Apple I-tunes. Scores include; The Mason’s Apron, Cunningham’s Fancy, The Bride’s Jig, Abercairney Highlanders, Susan MacLeod, John Morrison of Assynt House, The Gold Rings, Campbell’s Tartan Army, Seonaid’s Tune, Glasgow City Police Pipers, Urlar, Dr. McInnes’s Fancy, Tatumtitabra and more. Also included are The Drum Fanfares; Salute to DM Tom Brown & The Famed 1983 Trio Fanfare. By Robert Bruce Campbell. Include sheet music to (2006) : Balmoral Castle The Balmoral Highlanders Prince Charles’ March. Queen Victoria’s love of the Highlands is well known, less well known is the appointment of Angus MacKay, the first superstar of the piping world, to be her personal piper in 1843. That post has been maintained through to the present day with a total of 11 pipers occupying the position. This account also includes details of Bob Brown and the Balmoral Estate pipers and the Royal Guard. Three relevant tunes are also included. A5 paperback 48 pages. Fred Morrison Outlands Collection. Fred Morrison is from Glasgow, it’s the celebrated Gaelic piping tradition of his father’s native South Uist, that forms the bedrock of his intensely expressive, uniquely adventurous style. Containing each of the tunes on the Outlands album. Many of the variations have been scored, as played by Fred, and there are some Highland pipe arrangements also. Train Journey North : Hornpipe. The Little River : Reel. The Wildcat : Reel (Bagpipe Version). The Lochaber Badger : Reel. Calum Campbell of Benbecula : Strathspey. Steve Byrne’s Jig : Jig. Nameless : Slow Air (Bagpipe Version). The Leafy Lane : Reel. Kansas City Hornpipe : Hornpipe. Kansas City Hornpipe : Hornpipe (Bagpipe Version). The Morrisons of Gerinish : Reel. The Hard Drive : Hornpipe. The Hard Drive : Reel. The extensive first volume of Fred’s own compositions, featuring many popular tunes, such as Frances Morton’s, Drumbuie, The Lochaber Badger, Seonaidh’s Tune, The Aird Ranters and Up South. Armel Denis’ Welcome To South Uist. Big Duncan’s Reel. Calum Ruaraidh Mac Innes Of Bornish, South Uist. Carlos Barral Of Oviedo. Cathy Anne Mac Phee’s Jig. Ceilidh In The Convent. Chicken And The Turkey, The. Frances Morton’s Hornpipe. Hamish Moore’s Reel. Ian Todd’s Strathspey//Reel. Jim Hood’s Fancy. Jose Ramon Of Guadarrama. Lawrence Thompson’s Reel. Lisardo Lombardia Of Asturias. Lochaber To Argyll (Basic Version). Loic Denis’ Welcome To South Uist. Mark Sheridan’s Hornpipe. New Year’s Day. Sound Of Sun, The. The Second Fred Morrison Collections. Fred is a hugely respected composer, piper and performer across the world and we are delighted to be stocking his newest collection of tunes. March John Goodwin March Coolhurst Castle Strathspey Green Day Strathspey Washington Court Strathspey Famous Fourth, The Strathspey Mrs Nadia MacIsaac Strathspey Glenogle Strathspey Beaver Club, The Reel Pivovar Express, The Reel MV River Rat Reel Smoking The Wasps Reel Electric Chopsticks Reel Reedmaker’s Reel (Chris Apps), The Reel Bullet Train Reel Elav the Terrible Hornpipe Jack MacIsaa. Volumes 1 to 6. This item is in the category “Musical Instruments & Gear\Wind & Woodwind\Folk & World\Bagpipes”. The seller is “ndgscot” and is located in this country: GB. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Volume Required-: 1 to 6
  • Bundle Description: Volumes 1 to 6
  • Features: Tune Book
  • Instrument: Bagpipe
  • Color: Multicoloured
  • Set Includes: Music Book
  • Experience Level: Expert, Advanced, Beginner
  • Custom Bundle: Yes
  • College of Piping: Donald MacLeod
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom
  • Type: Great Highland Bagpipe
  • Brand: College of Piping

PM Donald MacLeod Collection of Music Books for the Bagpipe Volumes 1 to 6
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