Blair Professional Bagpipe Tuner with analog & digital meters Bagpipes

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Published on: November 29, 2022
Blair Professional Bagpipe Tuner with analog & digital meters Bagpipes

Blair Professional Bagpipe Tuner with analog & digital meters Bagpipes
Blair Professional Bagpipe Tuner with analog & digital meters Bagpipes. This product data sheet is originally written in English. Blair Professional Bagpipe Tuner. With analog & digital meters is a precision. Features a variable three speed needle, backlit LCD that can be viewed outside, wide frequency calibration range and individual tuning modes for Chanter, Drones and Chromatic scale. There’s an internal mic and an external microphone input so your own microphone can be attached. There’s multiple visual feedback options so tuning is easy and intuitive. Analog and digital meters. 3 speed meter control (slow, medium, fast). Internal mic & external mic input. Chanter, Drones, Chromatic & Tone generator. Backlit LCD, viewable outside. Large calibration range 400-499 hz. Programmed for Just Temperament (Highland Bagpipes). Increased dampening with external mic input. Light weight (154g with batteries). Needs 2x AAA Batteries. Metal stand for table use. Also Available from our Bagpipe Accessories Store. Hardcase for Blair professional tuner. Stylish durable hard shell case for the Blair Professional Bagpipe Tuner to keep those tools that mater most safe. Please note for case only option-sent as standard 2nd class parcel. Pipers Choice 2 pack Mouthpiece Protectors. Slip these guards on the end of your mouth piece to protect your teeth and your bagpipe mouthpiece. Agpipe Mouthpieces Different size mouthpieces are available for the bagpipe. These mouthpieces are made of Delrin, so they are strong and will last a long time. They will fit on most blowpipes. 4 sizes in total are available 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″. A proper fitting blowpipe will help with your posture when playing your bagpipe. Plastic Bagpipe Moutpiece by. Made from Delrin this mouthpiece is available in sizes 3.5in, 4.5in and 5.5in It is suitable for most ranges of bagpipes and plastic blowpipes using a 30TPI thread. Also option to add mouthpiece protectors 2 pack and save. Made by Ayrshire Bagpipe Company. Bagpipe mouthpiece in two parts. Screws together with valve in the middle. Large 8 mm bore. Made of black polypenco. 5 ½ (140mm) long. Made by Ayrshire Bagpipe Company Extra large bore 7/16 – oval end. Standard screw fitting 9/16 x 30tpi thread. Bent to approximately 40-45 degrees to give less pressure on the teeth. Fits any standard blowpipe 9/16 x 30 tpi thread. Pipers Choice Oval Airstream Mouthpiece. Oval Mouthpiece from Piper Choice. Available in 3.5″, 4.5″ and 5.5 lengths. Mouthpiece has standard size thread which will fit most wide bore blowpipes. BLOWPIPE EXTENDER BY PIPERS CHOICE. Blowpipe Extender – Often when changing your bag, or when a young piper grows, the need for a longer blowpipe exists. This extender is designed to add 7/8. Combed and beaded, the design will fit with your current blowpipe and save you the cost of purchasing a whole new blowpipe or mouthpiece. Two can be connected for extra length. Designed to fit standard blowpipes and mouthpieces. REED PAK BY PIPERS CHOICE. The Reed Pak is a great little item for the Piper. It is a small container that store fit 5 pipe chanter reeds. The package is small and will fit in a shirt pocket, or sporran. Premium Reed Protector made of soft wood for moisture control. Soft wood prevents mould growing on the reed as it dries out. The screw is tapped into the ferrule for more durability. G1 Drone Reed Protectors. Protect your bagpipe drone reeds with the NEW G1 Drone Reed Protectors. G1 Reed Protecting Chanter Cap. Fit over your chanter reed and attach to the chanter to keep your reed safe. Moose Camlock Chanter Stock. The Moose Camlock Blank Chanter Stock is designed to fit almost every chanter size. It fits easily over the chanter reed and simply turns to tighten over the hemp. The Moose Camlock allows the chanter to be stored safely in a tube without any unsightly protruding screws that can also damage the hemp joint. There is no requirement for a hole in the top as the off-set cam allows any excess moisture to escape. RG Hardie Bagpipe Chanter Reed Protector. Reed Protector also known as a false stock allows the chanter reed to dry whilst storing an instrument between use helping prevent mildew and prolonging reed life. RG Hardie Pipe Chanter Split Stock. Hardie plastic pipe chanter split stock set allows the chanter to be removed without damaging the reed. This is an excellent product for beginners or young pipers who have a tendency to chip the corner off the reed when removing the chanter from the stock. The set allows the piper to use 2 chanters in the same bag and comes complete with. Superb combing and beading finish and available in a range of ferrules to match your bagpipes. RG Hardie Practice Chanter Reed Protector. This reed protector is for blackwood chanters due to a common problem where the top cracks. It is very important to break down the chanter and allow the hemp to dry out. If this is not done it can cause the top to crack. This reed protector features extra holes at the top allowing the reed to be safely stored in a pipe case while the chanter dries out after playing. McCallum Bagpipe Chanter Reed Protector. James Robertson Pipe Bag Seasoning. The ingredients used in the seasoning will feed and preserve the skin of a Traditional Pipe Bag and help to absorb moisture and keep the bag airtight. To ensure a pipe bag is airtight, cork the stocks and inflate the bag through the blowstick as usual. The bag should stay inflated fully for at least a minute if it is sufficiently airtight. If it doesn’t then you require to season your Traditional Pipe Bag. Airtight Seasoning feeds and preserves leather pipe bags, absorbs moisture providing a rich resonant tone to the instrument. It guarantees to make any leather bag airtight, used by the top pipers and pipe bands in the world. The Choice of Champions! Bagpipe Metal Polish and Sealant. Bagpipe Metal Polish and Sealant It can be used on all types of bagpipe metal mounts including silver, nickel, antique nickel, brass and alloys. Gives a lustrous shine and provides ongoing protection against atmospheric corrosion – but, unlike many metal polishes, it is non-abrasive and does not damage the metal or the wood. It is available in 50ml bottles – only the smallest amount is required for perfect results. We recommend the use of a fine microfiber cloth for application and final polishing. Pull Through by Pipers Choice. The Pull Through is used to add Bore Oil to the bores of the bagpipes of simply for cleaning the bores from any build up. Apply a small amount of the bore oil to the cloth and then drop the metal weight down each bore and pull it through. Pull Thru by Lyons Bagpipes. Blackwood Wood Oil for wooden set of Bagpipes. The Piper Range Blackwood Wood Oil. An essential, top quality, wood treatment to preserve and protect bagpipes. Helps prevent cracking, warping and damage caused by moisture and temperature. We cannot recommend this product enough or over stress the importance of regular oiling and cleaning of pipe bores. A well maintained pipe will last for decades The Pipers Range bore oil is the purest and finest available. Bore Oil by Pipers Choice. Pipers Choice bore oil This Bagpipe Bore Oil has a special preservative in it that helps to prevent cracking and warping of the bagpipe due to excessive dryness or over-absorption of moisture. The Bore Oil comes in a 1.25 oz. Bottle and should be used occasionally to keep the internal bores of your wood bagpipes in good condition. This can also will enhance drone tone due to smoother bores. This oil can be applied with with cotton drone and chanter brushes, or a pull through swab for the stocks. SPRAY BOTTLE BY PIPERS CHOICE. 3.38 OZ SPRAY BOTTLE. MacClens Disinfectant – This spray bottle of MacClens disinfectant is great for spraying off the mouthpiece of your bagpipe or practice chanter. This is a great product to use especially after you are getting over a cold of flu, or after somebody has borrowed your pipes. This is a safe reliable, lab tested, and environmentally friendly product. This comes in an 100ml spray bottle and can be re-filled with the larger 8 oz bottle of MacClens. Black Waxed Hemp 50g. Ideal for forming seals around all joints on the pipes and especially on tuning slide. PIPERS CHOICE HEMP – UNWAXED YELLOW 2OZ. Plain Yellow Hemp – Bagpipe Hemp is a staple for every piper. Hemp is used on your bagpipes, and most practice chanters. It seems like you are always having to adjust a part of your pipes, and a roll of hemp is a must in every pipers case. Having your pipes hemped-up properly is one of the most important maintenance aspects on your bagpipe. It will help with proper tuning, and air efficiency. Plain Yellow hemp is the most popular and most diverse for using on your bagpipe. PIPERS CHOICE HEMP – WAXED YELLOW 2OZ. Yellow Waxed Hemp – Yellow waxed hemp is used as a replacement to, or in combination with plain yellow hemp. The Yellow waxed hemp is the same material as plain yellow hemp, however it is pre-coated with wax, so there is no need for applying beeswax to the hemp to strengthen it. This bar of beeswax is for use with natural hemps. The addition of wax ensures the hemp will grip the wood or plastic in an effective manner, ensuring the hemping doesn’t turn inside the stock. Pipers’ Choice Bagpipe Cobbler’s Wax with Leather Strip. Complete with a piece of leather to use as a hand grip. This cobblers wax is specially formulated to apply black wax to the first bit of hemp for extra sticking power. It is used when starting to hemp a joint on the set of pipes, and helps to prevent the hemp from spinning. This wax is also formulated so that it will not melt in your pipe case as has been the custom in the past with some waxes. A simple and very useful way of temporarily stopping drones without the need for reed manipulation. Great for tuning, warming up and an essential part of a pipers kit. Set of 4 or 5 Stock Corks. Essential maintenance item allowing a piper to block the stocks to check the bag is airtight. They are also necessary for seasoning a leather pipe bag. Can be ordered in sets of 4 or 5’s. DRONE TOP STOPPERS BY PIPERS CHOICE. Bagpipe Drone Top Stoppers are an essential part of your pipe box maintenance kit. They are used to shut either one or all of your drones off. This can be when you are breaking in a new reed, getting back into playing shape, or making your set of bagpipes into a practice goose. These drone top stoppers are made of Rubber so they will not wear out or break down. STOCK STOPPERS BY PIPERS CHOICE. Bagpipe Stock Stoppers are an essential part of your pipe box maintenance kit. They are uses when either seasoning a pipe bag, checking for air tightness or turning your pipe bag into a practice goose. These stock stoppers are made of Rubber so they will not wear out or break down. Each package contains 5 stoppers. Silicone Blowpipe Valves 3pk. Blowpipe valves – made from non-perishable silicone rubber and copper staple. Little Mac Non Return Valve for the Highland Bagpipe Keeping the bag full and providing a constant pressure for steady blowing is hard enough when playing your bagpipe, so you don’t need the added worry and aggravation of a wasteful air leak through your mouthpiece. This can be 100 per cent eliminated when you use the “Little Mac” Valve. You will benefit in the following ways; does not restrict blowing; an instant airtight seal; little or no maintenance; will not dry or wear out; top quality and durability. The Moose Valve is the Worlds first bagpipe non restrictive valve suitable for every bagpipe set up since the original flap valve. The Moose Valve offers 100% confidence for every piper combined with non restrictive air flow and an efficient water trap. The Moose valve is the latest precision engineered product to replace all existing blowpipe and stock bagpipe valves and here are 10 good reasons why every piper should use a Moose Valve. Super Efficient Large Sized Bore. Very Easy to Fit and Remove. Ideal for Any Bag Set Up. Fully Adjustable from 3/4″ to 7/8″. Fits Internal Tapered Stocks. Secures Directly into Bore of Stock. No Drilling or Reeming Required. Set of 3 high performance drone valves. To fit in the bottom of stocks. Only really of use with zipper bags. Hylands In-Line Drone Valves. Hylands In-Line Drone Valves have specifically been designed and developed to assist pipers in striking in and cutting off their bagpipe drones cleanly and efficiently. The valves fit quickly and easily into the tubes of some moisture control systems and are simply adjusted using an Allen key provided. Hylands In-Line Drone Valves have received rave reviews from pipers all over the World and continue to be a success with pipers from beginners right through to grade 1 pipers and top solo players. Pipers Choice Rubber Blowpipe. Valve with Tie-in string. This rubber valve requires no modification to your existing blowpipe. It is a device that by design stays closed giving a complete seal with no drying out. Although these valves have a long life, it is good to replace them every once in a while. Supplied with Tie-in String. The classic “clack” Valve. A proper seal on the blowpipe is a great help in creating a stable tone and frees a piper to concentrate on fingering rather than blowing. SMALLPIPE VALVE BY PIPERS CHOICE. The Smallpipe valve is made to fit most styles of smallpipes. These can be used on Kitchen Pipes, Shuttle Pipes, Small Pipes, Parlor Pipes and many other makes. Highland Reeds Yellow Drone. The tension on the quick stop drone valve is screw adjustable giving greater accuracy and once properly installed to suit your blowing strength the Quick Stop Drone Valves should ensure that you strike your bagpipes in without difficulty, provide a steady flow of air to your drone reeds and close tightly when pressure is released to ensure a clean’cut-off’. GOOSE ADAPTER BY PIPERS CHOICE. Bagpipe Goose Adapter. This adapter fits into the chanter stock to adapt a piper’s present regular-sized or large-sized practice chanter bottom to the bagpipe, to give an inexpensive goose, after corking the drones or stocks. This allows the piper to practice at length without becoming winded, or young players to practice blowing before moving on to a regular bagpipe chanter and reed. This is the type of product that every piper can use. GOOSE ADAPTER WITH AIRFLOW VALVE. Goose Adapter with Airflow Valve – This new feature on the goose adapter aids the beginning player in controlling their airflow when using the practice goose. Using the valve will allow the player to increase or decrease the amount of air to the practice chanter to assist in more steady blowing. This product also allows for the drones to be played along with the practice chanter. Product accommodates most makes of practice chanter. “BIG MAC” VALVE BY PIPERS CHOICE. The “Big Mac” Valve – The big brother to the Little Mac. This valve serves multiple functions as a one-way valve, water trap and air redirect. The Big Mac inserts into the bottom of the blowpipe stock (via zippered bag) and features an Airstream valve that is protected internally and is easily accessed for cleaning. The section inside the stock allows for moisture to collect to be dumped later. Last, the right angle redirect forces air away from the pipe chanter reed delaying the time it takes for moisture to saturate the reed. A tube can be added to this product for further water retention and air direct. Piper Third Hand by Pipers Choice. Piper’s third hand tuning aid. This product helps with tuning by covering the holes of the bottom hand to sound low A. Just tune your drones and remove it again to start to play. Thumb Stop – The thumb is a must for every beginning piper. It is used to train the thumb on your right hand to stay directly behind the middle finger. This will help you have the proper finger placement allowing you to play burls, taorluaths, and grace notes properly. As well as being good for a beginner, they are great for an existing player who wants to work on their technique. Ideal for taping chanters. Polyester High Temperature Tape. High Temperature Polyester Tape for use on pipe chanters and practice chanters for tuning. Polyester Tape is Easily Removed after Use. Silicone Based Adhesive Leaves No Residue after Removal. Comes in rolls 10mm wide by 33m Long. Perfect for tuning between the holes. Rise is minimal, so less noticeable to the touch. Premium Pipe Chanter Tape. Regularly changing chanter tape will keep the chanter ready for quick and accurate tuning which is essential for achieving the best possible sound. This premium tape sticks to the chanter, holding it’s position well without leaving a residue. The thickness and width of the tape ensure it doesn’t interfere with fingerwork. Bagpipe Tunetape by Blair. Tunetape chanter tape is purpose made for fine tuning notes on the pipe chanter. It offers minimal slippage with the correct amount of flexibility for accurate tuning. Tunetape is an agressive pressure sensitive tape. In order to tune your drones, the upper section of the drone must slide up and down (usually twisting at the same time) on the tuning pins using one hand. This inexpensive PTFE tape is slippery and thin enough to apply over hemp to provide an airtight seal on joints and reduce friction thus allowing easier turning on the tuning pins. The Pipe Chanter Deburring Tool is an ideal tool to sharpen notes on the pipe chanter. We advise undercutting the top of the holes only rather than changing the shape of the hole. Modifications made using this tool is done so at the owners risk. The Hobby Knife is a very handy tool to have in the pipe case. It can be used for everyday cutting jobs like hemp and tape but due to its razor sharp pointed blade it is ideal for undercutting chanter holes. TIE-IN KIT BY PIPERS CHOICE. The Tie-in Cord KIT comes with 30 yards of strong waxed nylon tie-in cord, tie-in instructions, and 2 bits of leather for making welts for your chanter stock. There is enough cord here to tie in one pipe bag with all 5 stocks. Pipers Choice Reed Block. The Reed block from Pipers’ Choice is a great little item for easing reeds. Although it looks like a simple little device, there is a lot of though that goes into making these. By carefully placing the tips of the pipe chanter reed in the slot on the Reed block and leaving it sit overnight. You can ease the strength of the pipe chanter reed by closing the blades in a bit. It is important not to interfere with the staple on the reed while doing this. Each block comes with light sandpaper attached to it for small adjustment. Please note that reeds pictured are not included. PIPERS CHOICE DRONE REED. Drone Reed Extenders (pack of 3) – This product allows drones to lower on the tuning pin. This will help you attain better control and better overall sound. The extenders go into the reed seat and are easily installed. Please note, these are not useful on every set of pipes. Most pipes tune properly, and there are not necessary, but if your drones constantly tune too high on the tuning pins. Then this is a product to solve that situation and give you the sound and control you are looking for. Chanter Reed Bridles 12pk. These are essential for reed manipulation, they should be placed on the reed turning the elastic twice to ease the reed while maintaining stability. 5PK Bagpipe Cleaning Brushes by. His Brush Set contains 5 specially designed bagpipe cleaning brushes. Each brush is designed to fit a certain bore or bores of the bagpipes. 3 medium bristle brushes for cleaning the bagpipes and 2 soft cotton brushes for drying and/or applying Bore Oil. Regular cleaning of pipe bores will preserve both tone and the wood of any pipe. 2PK Practice Chanter Soft Brushes. This set of 2 soft cotton brushes are specially designed for the practice chanter. Soft brushes are used for wiping the inside bores. They can be used to wipe away condensation or clean away any build up. They can also be used to apply Bore Oil to a blackwood practice chanter. Nylon Brushes – set of 4. Nylon Brushes- Set of 4. Deluxe Brushes – Set of 2 by RG Hardie. The latest addition to range of essential bagpipe maintenance items. Microfiber brushes that absorb moisture and also clean the inside of the drones and blowpipe. Regular cleaning of bagpipe bores will prevent the wood and hemp from expanding and contracting which can lead to splitting the wood. Cloth Brushes – Set of 4 by RG Hardie. This set of cloth bagpipe brushes are an essential maintenance product for keeping the bores and blowpipe dry and clean. Drone reeds performance and stability will be affected by a build up of moisture therefore it is essential to dry the drones after practice sessions, competitions and parades. Regular cleaning of bagpipe bores will improve the performance and longevity of the bagpipes. Pipe Chanter Soft Brush. This conical, soft cotton brush is specially designed for the bagpipe pipe chanter. Soft brushes are used for wiping the inside bores of the bagpipes. This brush can be used to wipe away condensation or clean away any build up. It can also be used to apply Bore Oil. This soft chanter brush can also be stored away inside the pipe chanter to prevent any build up of dust. Reed Absorbs 12pk by Pipers Choice. Reed Absorbs – absorb moisture or saliva that collects at the bottom of the reed in your practice chanter. Can be used in practice chanters and pipes with polypenco stocks where moisture is a problem. Packs of 12 Absorbent disks per package. Most people will notice that on hemped part of the practice chanter, that there is usually a buildup of moisture after playing. This will help collect a large part of that moisture. Drone Reed Bridles 3 Pack. These orange bridles are excellent for cane drone reeds. Over time the original bridle can come loose causing the reed to become unstable, at this time replace the bridle with the orange bridle to improve the reed stability. McCallum Practice Chanter Cases. Available in the standard case which will fit your practice chanter and reeds or larger version in which you can fit a tutor book (college of piping size)or some sheet music. Both cases will also neatly fit into your pipe case and keep things organised. McCallum 26Practice Chanter Case. The 26 Long Case to fit practice chanter without breaking it down. Cases will also neatly fit into your pipe case and keep things organised. McCallum Maintenance Kit Bag. Ideal to hold all your maintenance items e. Hemps, Bees wax etc. Measures 31cm height by 13 cm width. Has a handle on back. So it can be hanged up. Deluxe Accessories Kit Bag. Kit bag to hold all you piping accessories. R G Hardie Deluxe Practice. Hardie practice chanter bag provides excellent protection for storing a standard or long sized practice. Chanter along with an A4 book. A build up of moisture in the hemp joint of a practice chanter can cause. Blackwood tops to fracture. The case requires the chanter to be broken down for storage which helps dry. Out the chanter after every practice session. Case features include: Grab handle A4 book pocket Accessories zip pocket Reed bottle storage pocket Protective covers for the practice chanter top and bottom Velcro fasteners for the top and bottom PLEASE NOTE THE CASE CONTENTS SHOWN IN THE PICTURES ARE NOT INCLUDED. R G Hardie Deluxe Pipe Chanter Case. Hardie deluxe pipe chanter case provides protection for storing a pipe chanter which is essential for blackwood pipe chanters. Features include a padded interior, two elastic straps to hold the chanter in position and button closures. Please note this case will not accept a chanter with a sole. Full Set Up Mooseture Control System by Moose. After several years of research and developement Moose Bagpipes have released their Mooseture Control System. The Mooseture Control System gives pipers options for most moisture control solutions and has been designed to suit almost every conceivable set up. The Moose Drone Canister has 3 equal divisions ensuring absolutely equal and airtight airflow to each drone reed. The drone sections are filled with desiccant to offer totally dry airflow to the drone reeds. The Moose Chanter/Blowpipe Canister can be connected to either the chanter stock, as a canister, or the blowpipe stock as a tube trap. Both options offer a variety of choices in which way the piper wishes to run their bagpipe set-up. The canister has a dial to allow moist air from the bag to enter direct to the chanter reed as well as going through the desiccant in the canister. The dial can be moved easily from the outside of the bag to either shut off moisture or open up for more moisture. The canister has a small filter to protect the chanter reed from any dust particals. The amount of desiccant in this canister can be altered to suit as required or the desiccant can be replaced with a chamois (not supplied) if using as a tube trap from the blowpipe stock. Both Moose Canisters can be easily removed at the tubes and have an easy removable lid for access. As the canisters are small and round in shape there is no need to ensure that they are level inside the pipe bag. Highland reeds bottle water trap. Standard water trap for synthetic zip bag. Moose Tubes are tubes for connection to the Mooseture Control System or other suitable moisture control sytems. A Moose Tube takes seconds to fit and/or replace without any need to remove a stock from the bag! It is incredibly easy to fit and replace by simply screwing securely into position in the bottom of each stock. The secure fitting is very similar to that used on the very popular Moose Valve. Moose Tubes 4 pack with. Moose Tubes are tubes for connection to suitable moisture control sytems. Moose Tubes take seconds to fit and/or replace without any need to remove a stock from the bag! They are incredibly easy to fit and replace by simply screwing securely into position in the bottom of each stock. Moose Tubes come complete with Moose Connector. Sharp Bagpipe Water Trap. Small Water Trap that fits on bottom of stock. TIZIP Zipper Bag Lubricant. Does what it says on the tube in this case. For use with Canmore, Bannatyne, Moose bags as well as others. Trap Dri moisture control trap. The Trap Dri moisture control trap has been developed to prevent excess water escaping from your water trap and saturating your pipe bag by capturing and retaining moisture in the tube to be emptied. A revolution in moisture control. The Trap Dri unit is fitted to your existing water trap tube and does not require a zip bag as it can slip through almost any split stock. (Currently supports the standard tube with external diameter of appx 20 – 23mm used by majority of pipers or tube with internal diameter of 19mm, we will adapt this to fit any tube size or system soon, Full bottle trap set up’s available in shop for synthetic zip bags now). With Trap Dri installed you will obtain a vastly reduced level of moisture into your bag. Designed to be so unrestrictive to airflow you won’t even know it’s there and enhance your playing experience. The trap works by collecting water which condenses inside your water trap tube and locks it inside the Trap Dri. Using a unique combination of air pressure and water flow to draw the water into the Trap Dri unit the water then becomes trapped and can’t make its way to the end of your tube where it can escape through the holes, resulting in better bagpipe performance. Using Trap Dri will prolong the life of your sheepskin or other animal skin bag by drastically reducing the amount of water your bag has to absorb. Using the Trap Dri in a synthetic bag by adapting it to fit your current system will greatly enhance the effectiveness of any existing moisture control by locking water away and preventing it running up the tube and soaking your moisture control system. In either animal skin or synthetic bag you will obtain a steady balance of moisture meaning your pipes will remain in tune longer and can be played longer than before. “Spend your time practicing tunes, not tuning”. The Trap Dri is virtually maintenance free. Simply remove every few weeks to clean. Give your pipes the treatment they deserve by installing this revolutionary new trap which never loses its effectiveness during use. Highland Reeds Moisture Control System. Moisture Control System (MCSIII) reduces moisture before it hits your drone reeds. The Moisture Control System has been designed and developed with you, the piper, in mind. This is the most versatile system on the market because it is. Lightweight Sits at the top of the bag Easy to adjust Equipped with removable drone valves It also offers the following benefits: Keeps reeds drier so that your pipes stay in tune and you can play longer No tonal change Consistency of air pressure to drone Easy to install, remove and maintain Non-bulky, lightweight system The removable drone valve has a flexible connector for connection to the drone stock. It also features a screw adjustable quick stop drone valve to regulate the air flow. Drone valves are included within the system. These are removable if not needed, however they will regulate the air flow to the drones giving a steadier drone sound. The Chanter Moisture Control System (CMCS) has been designed to reduce moisture from your pipe bag before it gets to your chanter reed. Air is taken through the gel filled cartridge section, on through the flexi-tube and connects to the chanter stock. The Chanter Moisture Control System complements Highland Reed’s Drone Moisture Control System and offers the following benefits: Keeps chanter reed drier so you can play longer Gives consistency of air flow to the chanter Non-bulky, lightweight system Lies on the bottom of the bag. Easy to install, remove and maintain. Spare Set of 3 Yellow Cannister. These allow you to switch over a set in use to a dry set. Valves and Rubber Cups not included. Highland Reeds Moisture Tube. Fitting your bagpipe with a water trap is absolutely essential to reduce the amount of moisture getting to your reeds. It also reflexes your hot, moist breath to the back of the bag and away from your reeds. The Moisture Tube has been specifically designed as an effective, lightweight, moisture control system that works without the use of silica gels. It is made up of a lightweight flexible tube connected to a compression cartridge. Warm, mouth-blown air flows through the tube and when passing through the cartridge it is compressed, causing the warm air to cool and humidify within the cylinder. The cartridge is fitted with a breathable cloth which can help with the air compression and to absorb excess moisture. The system is very easy to remove and fit. It is easily dismantled allowing for speedy and efficient cleaning. This new product allows for adjustments to how much restriction you want or need. Moisture Control System (MCSII) reduces moisture before it hits your drone reeds. Highland Reeds Spare Rubber Cups. Spare set of 3 rubber cups. Highland Reeds Spare Gel for Cartridges. Spare Gel to switch over for cartridges. The canister has a dial to allow moist air from the bag to enter d. This item is in the category “Musical Instruments & Gear\Wind & Woodwind\Folk & World\Bagpipes”. The seller is “ndgscot” and is located in this country: GB. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Option available-: Prof Tuner Only
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Blair: Tuner
  • Type: Unit
  • Chain Type: Great Highland Bagpipe
  • Color: Black
  • Set Includes: Tuner
  • Experience Level: Expert, Advanced
  • Instrument: Bagpipe
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Australia
  • Unit Quantity: 1
  • Brand: Blair

Blair Professional Bagpipe Tuner with analog & digital meters Bagpipes
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